It’s been a while…

Hope you’re having a good week…heck a great year!! I’m getting over a cold, but I did manage to venture towards some water this weekend. While it was sunny…it’s so rare in Seattle 🙂 It’s February 29th…a leap day…what are you planing today? Hope it’s fun:)  

  Such an ‘authentic’ photo 😄



Poetry reading, Chiho & the rebirth of the world 

Hello Bobbin!

I wanted to do some more outdoor painting…but the drizzle/ rain prevented such from occurring…and so the story goes…

(Insert BBC News Voice) The amount of rainy/cloudy days in Seattle, Washington on average, gets 220 days of measurable rain/cloud coverage a year…
Making normal spring/summer out door activities, an elusive wish rather than a practical reality.

(unless you are a real Seattle-ite and do Everything in the drizzle/rain then the sideways wind induced horizontal rainfall can’t hold you back!)
I’ve lived in Seattle, Washington since I was 8 years old…and love rain…but do grow very tired of it at times haha. While a thunderstorm or heavy rainfall will motivate me, and afford me a dark and stormy night writing/painting ambiance, those are few and far between…its the usual grey drizzles-like a gigantic sneeze -filling the air and dominating most of the weather regime, that does nothing for the ol’  self motivation. I default to hermit crab mode & I want to just burrito wrap into a fuzz blanket and let Netflix console me.
But, somehow I fought this feeling (plus I’d binged watch far too much over the weekend) And
 I decided to venture to a nearby coffee shop and get some poetry reading done.
The poet Wisława szymborska poems move me. 🙂

The disappearing/ reappearing act that the sun began performing sparked the idea that a museum visit was in order and I made my way to the Seattle Asian Art Museum for one of their Free Admission Thursday sessions (they do monthly). And I got to marvel and adore the work of Artist Chiho Aoshima
A stroll through the gallery was an instant remedy for grey Seattle blues. 🙂 Her work was the perfect blend of fanciful and hauntingly beautiful with a hint of aspirations of greatness .
I put a few of my favorites below. (Click on them to get a better view:) )
hope you fancy them as much as I do!

-Bisous ❤


Bee-zoo, Bee-zoo

Ello from Seattle!

My name is Bisous.(Bee-ZOO) Its French… don’t over complicate it…
I currently live & explore around the very laid-back, Coffee addicts migration area, but scenically beautiful city of Seattle, Wa. For those who don’t know THIS is what Seattle NORMALLY looks like 😀

Ever so often, my desire to explore intensifies & I hop on plane to quench my thirst for adventure…and curiosity. I LOVE tea, it – like exploration- has proven a great ally against the forces of evil know as creativity/writers block! I’m an aspiring author, but I’ve recently picked up water coloring and will be opening an Esty shop.

I’m a fan of Thunderstorms and reading nooks, Swinging on swing sets and photographing tiny details in nature. I enjoy watching Game of Thrones ( epicness) as well as eating a yummy pieces of cake… doing both activieties together is a colossally amazing experience 🙂


Its me…BOBBIN!

Ello from Japan!

Its me Bobbin ❤ , short for TheFlyingBobbin. Now do you see a tiny spool of thread with wings flying around in your mind? Good! (^_^)

Just a little intro to who I am and what I do:
I moved to Japan in 2010 and live in the port city of Numazu
(that’s a picture of our tsunami gate below)


I came to Japan after graduating from Art school in Seattle and am still trying to figure out how to be a “real life artist”.
I adore cats, traveling, fashion, food, greenery, and arts and crafts. I’m constantly obsessed with a new craft project and once I’m done with it, I move on to pick up another skill!  My most recent obsession has been cross stitching.

My guilty pleasure is Starcraft Heart of the Swarm!
And i’m slightly afraid that I spend way too much time playing the game! Yep, I’m even in a competitive clan.

Question of the day: In your opinion what does it mean to be a “real life artist”?

Find me and let’s have a chat!
Etsy: theflyingbobbin
Starcraft: flyingbobbin.262
Ello: theflyingbobbin
My instagram: ai_desu


What exactly is a Bobbin or Bisous?

Who is Bobbin? and what is she recently Obsessed with (o.O)?

Who is Bisous? and why does she smile at random cups of tea (O.o)?

Oh, and what does a cross stitch frame, some postcards & Nerdy fixations have to do w/ Inspiration?…Stay tuned to find out Blog friends 😉