I’m just beachy …

Bobbin!! I spent the day at the beach…eating French bread and cheeses…can’t wait till summer is here …and when you visit:) 



It’s been a while…

Hope you’re having a good week…heck a great year!! I’m getting over a cold, but I did manage to venture towards some water this weekend. While it was sunny…it’s so rare in Seattle 🙂 It’s February 29th…a leap day…what are you planing today? Hope it’s fun:)  

  Such an ‘authentic’ photo 😄


Snail mail from Bobbin: Birthday goods:) 

Hello! Hello Bobbin!❤️

Tempus Fugit!! It’s already, the end of June and almost July! Summer has started with a bang! There’s been a heat wave here in Seattle and I’m currently in a torrid relationship with my fan. The nights have been sweltering but…I love warm weather so I’m dealing…sorta

Two and a half weeks ago, was my birthday …🎉

and three days later I receive a gift from you Bobbin! 🎁

And three days ago I finally opened it…I’m a bit slow…😝

I went to the cafe, and slowly opened The ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ themed envelope you sent and discovered the most adorable ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ puzzle enclosed.

I was at the cafe, brainstorming my final illustration (in a series of illustrations for the novel I wrote)

And was presently faced with a little ‘mental block’ and the puzzle was a perfect diversion from my slump!

It took only a minute to complete, but it left me with a lasting feeling of satisfaction and relaxation that I carried over to my sketch pad! Thank you again my friend and I LOVED looking at the post about your Birthday adventures in Hong Kong!

Expect some snail mail from me shortly 😉




Snail Mail from日本 BOBBIN<3

Hello Bobbin! (and Blogger Friends)

How are you my Darling? How has April been treating you? Can you believe April’s almost over?!
This year started pretty slowly, but now its practically May and I’m feeling like I’m halfway down the rabbit hole…

I loved your gift that you sent<3
I’ve never received a ‘ Ball ‘ before and needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by its arrival on my doorstep today. I carefully inspected the package, delicately scanning its body, hoping that the package’s ‘travel scars’ were at a minimum.
I opened to find the outside box had been smashed and squished, but the actual ‘Ball’  inside was well preserved (^_^) I carefully held it in my palm.
It was so pretty I didn’t want to unwrap it. But Curiosity always prevails…
So, I proceeded to slowly tear through the first layer of vibrant tissue paper, and discovered a package of tea! Oh, you wonderful soul you! You know how I adore tea!<3

I then continued to unravel the woven paper and discovered the second packet of tea! My brain started to catch onto the gist of a ‘ Ball’ and ravenously began to unwrap the layers. So many Layers …like an Onion! And like an onion, each hidden surprise caused cuteness induced tears to fill my eye sockets!
Then finally the nugget in the center that was Totoro.

I gazed down at the haul…
Tea. Buttons. Stickers. And a Totoro key chain, all of which threw me into a fit of giddyness!
Each packet of tea is unique and will definitely help me when i’m writing or painting! Thank you for making /sending such a wonderful gift!

– Bisous