April summary 

Hello Bobbin!!!

I’ve been terribly busy of late. Mostly, working…but I did manage to fit in some play 😉

I hope you have been having a wonderful and relaxing April:)

Firstly, two weeks back, I went with a group of girls to celebrate a mutual friends birthday in Victoria, Canada. It was a wimsical trip filled with the most wonderful of diversions including, various pastries, tea and gardens. Even a scare that we were going to miss the last ferry out of the country, proved to be somewhat exciting and adding charm to the trip.

We would’ve had to stay for an extra day. Which wouldn’t have been too terribly bad, if most of the attendees in the party didn’t have a pill of prior commitments known as: children, jobs, and a hungry cat.



 tea time !

craigdough castle

Victoria’s streets

I Also went (twice) to the Washington state, Mt. Vernon tulip festival for the first time! 
The first time we did the trek, my friend and I were washed out by wind and a torrential down poor. One of my clear umbrella’ was a casualty…(I’m happy that I bought two)

Before …


But we decided to give it a take two a few days later and it was an infinitely more plesent experience then our previous venture.

 How’s is the creativity projects coming you ask? Sadly I started a piece two weeks ago but didn’t finish it. The good news is a woman at the cafe I was painting at observed my painting session and left me her card, so I could contact her when I’m finished, so she could purchase the painting!!

So I’m kinda thinking doing ‘artsy’ stuff in public, more specifically in coffee shops gains you a fan base! Haha 
Hope all is well my fiend:)


It’s been a while…

Hope you’re having a good week…heck a great year!! I’m getting over a cold, but I did manage to venture towards some water this weekend. While it was sunny…it’s so rare in Seattle 🙂 It’s February 29th…a leap day…what are you planing today? Hope it’s fun:)  

  Such an ‘authentic’ photo 😄


Bisous Birthday Photos pt 1

The sun was shining… My heart was beaming. 

Hello Bobbin!

Sunday June 7th was my Birthday ! And it was a beautiful day indeed. 🙂 I wanted a relaxing day and I’d planned to do the usual ‘get together with friends’ this upcoming weekend, so Sunday was just for chillaxing  …  I ventured to the park to do some reading, sun basking and general photography. I received a text from a friend who wanted to meet up with me at the park with her lovely, rambunctious puppy Oliver. We wandered around and got ice cream ( it was vanilla bean with the happiest most colorful sprinkles known to man)  then tea. We then decided to do some painting. The sun warmly kissed my skin, accompanied by a gentle breeze, as I calmly painted …It was so charmingly simplistic that I’m still relaxed three days later! Refreshed, I’m ready for a new year:) So here’s to another year of goals being accomplished and artwork being enjoyed and completed !



Poetry reading, Chiho & the rebirth of the world 

Hello Bobbin!

I wanted to do some more outdoor painting…but the drizzle/ rain prevented such from occurring…and so the story goes…

(Insert BBC News Voice) The amount of rainy/cloudy days in Seattle, Washington on average, gets 220 days of measurable rain/cloud coverage a year…
Making normal spring/summer out door activities, an elusive wish rather than a practical reality.

(unless you are a real Seattle-ite and do Everything in the drizzle/rain then the sideways wind induced horizontal rainfall can’t hold you back!)
I’ve lived in Seattle, Washington since I was 8 years old…and love rain…but do grow very tired of it at times haha. While a thunderstorm or heavy rainfall will motivate me, and afford me a dark and stormy night writing/painting ambiance, those are few and far between…its the usual grey drizzles-like a gigantic sneeze -filling the air and dominating most of the weather regime, that does nothing for the ol’  self motivation. I default to hermit crab mode & I want to just burrito wrap into a fuzz blanket and let Netflix console me.
But, somehow I fought this feeling (plus I’d binged watch far too much over the weekend) And
 I decided to venture to a nearby coffee shop and get some poetry reading done.
The poet Wisława szymborska poems move me. 🙂

The disappearing/ reappearing act that the sun began performing sparked the idea that a museum visit was in order and I made my way to the Seattle Asian Art Museum for one of their Free Admission Thursday sessions (they do monthly). And I got to marvel and adore the work of Artist Chiho Aoshima
A stroll through the gallery was an instant remedy for grey Seattle blues. 🙂 Her work was the perfect blend of fanciful and hauntingly beautiful with a hint of aspirations of greatness .
I put a few of my favorites below. (Click on them to get a better view:) )
hope you fancy them as much as I do!

-Bisous ❤


A patch of wildflowers 

‘ello Bobbin!

I’m still in a state of astonishment, induced by the intense color of that matcha ice cream you showed me a picture of in your last post! 🙂 Epicness it was, a beautiful sight that not only enraptured my emotions but rumbled my tummy (^_^)

That trip you took seemed to be a lovely excursion as well, I’m elated to read about the moments of inspiration you are experiencing…

I am still working on some side projects of water colors at the moment,  but hope to get back to illustrating characters/ideas from my favorite fandoms soon… The other day, I was met with another ‘creative funk’ and feeling uninspired and retreated to nature.

I walked around my favorite park, devoid of any expectations of a wild or unexpected moment that could ignite or spark ‘creative inspiration’ and happened upon a wild flower bed.

 Nothing was particularly stunning about it, besides my appreciation of the beauty of flowers seasonal existence. But my gaze lingered upon them as the sun beamed on the dainty petals…

and slowly, I became transfixed on the colors and shape and their movement in a breeze.

all at once Images of some of the works of my favorite painter came to mind: Claude Monet. I didn’t get the opportunity, to visit Giverny, France when I visited France last year, (but it will happen one day ) but the little flowers were teasing my imagination with what Giverny, is actually like.
Hmm this little bed of flowers was reminding me of Monet’s work…

And simultaneously inspiring my desire to paint! Yay! So swiftly and unexpectedly the inspiration had come! My muse this time, was in the form of purple, blue and periwinkle petals. Hope to have something to show this inspiration soon:)

-Bisous ❤

Profitez de la beauté et laissez vous inspirer