Bookstore wandering :Left Bank books at Pike place market 

Hello Bobbin!

Just checking in with you, and letting you know I’m alive and well!! ( Despite the warlike brutality of job hunting and apartment hunting… sigh, I digress)
I’m enjoying the heatwave that is nationwide but is very daunting in Seattle. I LOVE sunshine…but I’ve been here in Washington for far too long and I feel my tolerance for ‘heat’ is much lower then I want it to be 🙂  so after facing a case of painters block, I decided to do a book store run or take refuge in the comfort of paperbacks and AC. The setting of today’s excursion was Left Bank books at Pike place market.  It’s a quaint little store that has an adorable and irresistible reading nook on the second floor… I was looking for a book titled “Women who run with Wolves because of a quote  I read from it on tumblr rumbled my curiousity:

“Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength. They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mate and their pack. Yet both have been hounded, harassed and falsely imputed to be devouring and devious, overly aggressive, of less value than those who are their detractors.” 
-Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I didn’t find it. ( or a used copy) It seems that it’s pretty popular (go figure) and I’m just now getting on the proper feminist bandwagon 😀   From what I’ve skimmed, the book seems to be tying in parallels of strong female characters and wolves…I couldn’t help but think of my novel and the artwork I’m drawing/painting and how the little from this book is inspiring ideas for my art work 🙂  I also browsed a book called ‘The Whale’ but I save that for another post 😉




TGIF…hard off is coming

Good morning from Japan! 

It seems it’s been really nice weather in Seattle.  Clear skies, wow, 29° 

 It’s been ☔️☔️☔️ everyday since July started here in Numazu. The ☔️☔️☔️ has put a damp on my mood😪. Not to mention I caught a cold this week😷. 

Packing✈️ with a cold😷 was like 👇😑

But it’s finally FRIDAY! 

The thing about this particular Friday is… Hard off, the second-hand shop, is coming to get both my couches. My apartment will feel very empty without the couches *sniff* 

More Hair Salons

Because of ☔️ I haven’t been venturing out to photograph salons as much as I had hoped but here are some from this past week-


Indoor Salon next to my Japanese class- “hair color kezomeya” means house of colored hair. My Japanese lessons are paying off! 🙂


okay, this isnt a hair salon. this is the spooky showcase next to hair salon kezomeya.


Salon Ripo-so (the po is extended like “poh”) . Is it just me or is that mini van parked too close to the front door?


awkward parking!



Salon Alcolic- “alcolic” is the japanese way to (mis)pronounce the English word “alcoholic”. Alcoholic as in the adjective to describe food/drink containing alcohol, and not the type of person addicted to such food/drink. 🍻 Sounds like another nominee for best salon name😛


Salon Michi- came across this salon for the first time yesterday. The person living in this house turned the front part of the house into a small salon space. Really random location!

Bisous your Pinterest is looking amazing! Please keep sharing your pretty photos of very pretty you!💗💜💙



A “Pinteresting” July

After Bisous introduced me to Pinterest a couple months back, we have decided to dabble with pinning pictures of our own.

We are using our self-concocted “summer looks” as the main subject. I having been very good about photographing and I hope I’ll become better about it with practice and time.

Check us out here:




The ART of packing…

Good morning from Japan! ☀️ (it’s actually R☔️I☔️Y today)

 I’ve been packing my things up! I did start a few months ago but now I’m at the hard part of packing my art things. I took some pictures to show my recent work before they get packed away.

Do you remember this monoprint collage? I posted a photo of it in my Totoro wreath post. <click to redirect

The inspiration of this print came from a story from the Bible actually. The story probably most popularly known from the Broadway musical, “Joseph and the Technicolor Coat.” This is a scene depicting the end of the story where Joseph finds comfort in not only worldly possessions but in the love of his once-estranged family. At the end of the story, he seems to possess everything a man could ever hope to possess.

I don’t have a name for this piece (yet) but the idea of a wild garden in a sunny dessert reminds me of finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s kind of unreal but the idea in itself is comforting, even refreshing. Maybe I should call it “Oasis.”

Another collage I finally got a frame for is getting packed away as well. I’ve already bubble wrapped it.

This piece was made on a whim with a few sheets of origami paper and very little thought. I’ve been told this pattern should be screen-printed onto a t-shirt and sold at Urban Outfitters. :0)

Back to packing! I’m wondering when Bisous will share more about her new book! 😬



Countdown Chicago

In less than 2 calendar months I will be a brand spankin’ new resident of Illinois! 

Until then, I will be very busy moving and travelling. I want to do my best updating here (on my iPhone). I know I haven’t been on the ball recently because all the moving and shuffling

First of all, I want to introduce my project to countdown the days in Japan specifically in my town of Numazu. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I plan on spending as much of my remaining time in Numazu to do it. That is, to photograph all the various local hair salons. I hope you will take note of not only the outer appearance but their salon names. Tell me which stand out to you and why 🙂 

Numazu Salon Photo-journal Day 1  

Komadori- if I had to guess, komadori means small bird.

Lala heavenly- Looks like they are specializing in eye lash care/extensions and weddings too.


This barber shop has no apparent name and features men’s hair cuts for about 12USD.



Au fix? This is where I got my hair most recently cut and colored. Honestly I don’t know how to spell the name or even pronounce it.

Day 2

SalonVIP sandwiched between a stamp shop (as in rubber stamps) and a chiropractic clinic.

Best name award nominee Salon Something!


Salon Angie looks like a house because it is. Without stepping inside, i can tell that the salon is on the first floor and the second and third floors serve as a fully equipped abode.


Snail mail from Bobbin: Birthday goods:) 

Hello! Hello Bobbin!❤️

Tempus Fugit!! It’s already, the end of June and almost July! Summer has started with a bang! There’s been a heat wave here in Seattle and I’m currently in a torrid relationship with my fan. The nights have been sweltering but…I love warm weather so I’m dealing…sorta

Two and a half weeks ago, was my birthday …🎉

and three days later I receive a gift from you Bobbin! 🎁

And three days ago I finally opened it…I’m a bit slow…😝

I went to the cafe, and slowly opened The ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ themed envelope you sent and discovered the most adorable ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ puzzle enclosed.

I was at the cafe, brainstorming my final illustration (in a series of illustrations for the novel I wrote)

And was presently faced with a little ‘mental block’ and the puzzle was a perfect diversion from my slump!

It took only a minute to complete, but it left me with a lasting feeling of satisfaction and relaxation that I carried over to my sketch pad! Thank you again my friend and I LOVED looking at the post about your Birthday adventures in Hong Kong!

Expect some snail mail from me shortly 😉