About Bobbin and Bisous

We are just two girlfriends who may be distant in miles but close in heart and soul. We started this blog to encourage each other (and anyone viewing) to keep being creative, and to be genuine no matter what.
According to Google maps, our cities of residence are 4,841 miles apart. Our distance is an opportunity to make the most of both snail mail and the internetz. Huzzah!

Bobbin❤ I graduated in 2010 with a BFA from the University of Washington. Shortly after, I moved to Japan in pursuit of Art.

I adore cats, traveling, fashion, food, greenery, and arts and crafts. I’m constantly obsessed with a new craft project and once I’m done with it, I move on to pick up another skill! My most recent obsession has been cross stitching.


Bisous I’m a fan of Thunderstorms and reading nooks. I LOVE tea, it has proven a great ally against the forces of evil know as creativity/writers block! I’m an aspiring writer, but I’ve recently picked up water coloring and will be opening an Esty shop.


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