April summary 

Hello Bobbin!!!

I’ve been terribly busy of late. Mostly, working…but I did manage to fit in some play 😉

I hope you have been having a wonderful and relaxing April:)

Firstly, two weeks back, I went with a group of girls to celebrate a mutual friends birthday in Victoria, Canada. It was a wimsical trip filled with the most wonderful of diversions including, various pastries, tea and gardens. Even a scare that we were going to miss the last ferry out of the country, proved to be somewhat exciting and adding charm to the trip.

We would’ve had to stay for an extra day. Which wouldn’t have been too terribly bad, if most of the attendees in the party didn’t have a pill of prior commitments known as: children, jobs, and a hungry cat.



 tea time !

craigdough castle

Victoria’s streets

I Also went (twice) to the Washington state, Mt. Vernon tulip festival for the first time! 
The first time we did the trek, my friend and I were washed out by wind and a torrential down poor. One of my clear umbrella’ was a casualty…(I’m happy that I bought two)

Before …


But we decided to give it a take two a few days later and it was an infinitely more plesent experience then our previous venture.

 How’s is the creativity projects coming you ask? Sadly I started a piece two weeks ago but didn’t finish it. The good news is a woman at the cafe I was painting at observed my painting session and left me her card, so I could contact her when I’m finished, so she could purchase the painting!!

So I’m kinda thinking doing ‘artsy’ stuff in public, more specifically in coffee shops gains you a fan base! Haha 
Hope all is well my fiend:)


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