Happy Friday after a very Happy week! 

Hello dear Bisous!

Yes! I’ve been hearing about the heat wave in Seattle. ☀️ Here in Numazu, we’ve been dealing with the threats of a typhoon. ☔️ Lots and lots and lots of ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️🌂🌂🌂😦😧😑  but the typhoon has passed and we are back to a sunny and humid place.

So we’ve missed you here on our blog! Sounds like we are both in a big state of transition! Job hunting is no fun 😦 but I wish you all the best🍀 I can tell from your Instagram that you had some fun at Pike’s Place!🐟🐙

This week will be my last full week in Numazu. I have a few days left to pack up but alas I will procrastinate to the end. I’m still crossing off things from my Shizuoka bucket list as well. I’m pleased to say that I crossed two things off that list just this week! 

I live in Shizuoka Prefecture (a prefecture is like a state in the USA) and Shizuoka is the too producer of green tea in Japan. Before I said sayonara to Shizuoka I had to experience tea picking at least once. 

So I did! 

My friend WH (a fellow expat🍁) went with me👫 We drove from Numazu to Makinohara- a 2-hour drive!  Luckily long drives are pleasant in good company🙆 

The tea farm made a special exception to pick the leaves that day. 

Miles and miles of tea… 🍵🌱

After tea picking we had lunch at the local tea-themed restaurant.   


The tea cups are actually Chinese style. They are the exact ones I had in our home as a kid so they remind me of my late father.💕




Then the food! ..but my phone blogger can’t handle all the pix and keeps crashing so please check the next blog post 🙂




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