TGIF…hard off is coming

Good morning from Japan! 

It seems it’s been really nice weather in Seattle.  Clear skies, wow, 29° 

 It’s been ☔️☔️☔️ everyday since July started here in Numazu. The ☔️☔️☔️ has put a damp on my mood😪. Not to mention I caught a cold this week😷. 

Packing✈️ with a cold😷 was like 👇😑

But it’s finally FRIDAY! 

The thing about this particular Friday is… Hard off, the second-hand shop, is coming to get both my couches. My apartment will feel very empty without the couches *sniff* 

More Hair Salons

Because of ☔️ I haven’t been venturing out to photograph salons as much as I had hoped but here are some from this past week-


Indoor Salon next to my Japanese class- “hair color kezomeya” means house of colored hair. My Japanese lessons are paying off! 🙂


okay, this isnt a hair salon. this is the spooky showcase next to hair salon kezomeya.


Salon Ripo-so (the po is extended like “poh”) . Is it just me or is that mini van parked too close to the front door?


awkward parking!



Salon Alcolic- “alcolic” is the japanese way to (mis)pronounce the English word “alcoholic”. Alcoholic as in the adjective to describe food/drink containing alcohol, and not the type of person addicted to such food/drink. 🍻 Sounds like another nominee for best salon name😛


Salon Michi- came across this salon for the first time yesterday. The person living in this house turned the front part of the house into a small salon space. Really random location!

Bisous your Pinterest is looking amazing! Please keep sharing your pretty photos of very pretty you!💗💜💙




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