The ART of packing…

Good morning from Japan! ☀️ (it’s actually R☔️I☔️Y today)

 I’ve been packing my things up! I did start a few months ago but now I’m at the hard part of packing my art things. I took some pictures to show my recent work before they get packed away.

Do you remember this monoprint collage? I posted a photo of it in my Totoro wreath post. <click to redirect

The inspiration of this print came from a story from the Bible actually. The story probably most popularly known from the Broadway musical, “Joseph and the Technicolor Coat.” This is a scene depicting the end of the story where Joseph finds comfort in not only worldly possessions but in the love of his once-estranged family. At the end of the story, he seems to possess everything a man could ever hope to possess.

I don’t have a name for this piece (yet) but the idea of a wild garden in a sunny dessert reminds me of finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s kind of unreal but the idea in itself is comforting, even refreshing. Maybe I should call it “Oasis.”

Another collage I finally got a frame for is getting packed away as well. I’ve already bubble wrapped it.

This piece was made on a whim with a few sheets of origami paper and very little thought. I’ve been told this pattern should be screen-printed onto a t-shirt and sold at Urban Outfitters. :0)

Back to packing! I’m wondering when Bisous will share more about her new book! 😬




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