Countdown Chicago

In less than 2 calendar months I will be a brand spankin’ new resident of Illinois! 

Until then, I will be very busy moving and travelling. I want to do my best updating here (on my iPhone). I know I haven’t been on the ball recently because all the moving and shuffling

First of all, I want to introduce my project to countdown the days in Japan specifically in my town of Numazu. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I plan on spending as much of my remaining time in Numazu to do it. That is, to photograph all the various local hair salons. I hope you will take note of not only the outer appearance but their salon names. Tell me which stand out to you and why 🙂 

Numazu Salon Photo-journal Day 1  

Komadori- if I had to guess, komadori means small bird.

Lala heavenly- Looks like they are specializing in eye lash care/extensions and weddings too.


This barber shop has no apparent name and features men’s hair cuts for about 12USD.



Au fix? This is where I got my hair most recently cut and colored. Honestly I don’t know how to spell the name or even pronounce it.

Day 2

SalonVIP sandwiched between a stamp shop (as in rubber stamps) and a chiropractic clinic.

Best name award nominee Salon Something!


Salon Angie looks like a house because it is. Without stepping inside, i can tell that the salon is on the first floor and the second and third floors serve as a fully equipped abode.



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