Snail mail from Bobbin: Birthday goods:) 

Hello! Hello Bobbin!❤️

Tempus Fugit!! It’s already, the end of June and almost July! Summer has started with a bang! There’s been a heat wave here in Seattle and I’m currently in a torrid relationship with my fan. The nights have been sweltering but…I love warm weather so I’m dealing…sorta

Two and a half weeks ago, was my birthday …🎉

and three days later I receive a gift from you Bobbin! 🎁

And three days ago I finally opened it…I’m a bit slow…😝

I went to the cafe, and slowly opened The ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ themed envelope you sent and discovered the most adorable ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ puzzle enclosed.

I was at the cafe, brainstorming my final illustration (in a series of illustrations for the novel I wrote)

And was presently faced with a little ‘mental block’ and the puzzle was a perfect diversion from my slump!

It took only a minute to complete, but it left me with a lasting feeling of satisfaction and relaxation that I carried over to my sketch pad! Thank you again my friend and I LOVED looking at the post about your Birthday adventures in Hong Kong!

Expect some snail mail from me shortly 😉





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