Hello from Hong Kong!

Lei hou! That’s how you say hello in Cantonese the local language of this amazing place. I’m here in Hong Kong visiting family for a few days. 

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room relaxing. Here’s the view from my window overlooking Causeway Bay>

It’s cloudy and rainy today and that’s why I’m not outside wandering around by myself. The weather isn’t so bad given the fact that there was a typhoon warning for the day of my flight that disappeared before I flew in.  (My uncle and cousin even suggested that I postpone my trip to next week.) There was a thunder storm warning this morning that kept us from using the rooftop pool of my hotel. I literally just got a call that the weather warnings have been stopped. 

My father’s younger sister is hosting me. She is very sweet and giving. We had a little sleep over last night. She’s always thinking about eating. It’s definitely her favorite activity and that’s great because I love it too! 

The iconic cuisine of Hong Kong is “dim sum.” It means “touch the heart” and it really does just that! The meal where we enjoy dim sum is called “Yum cha” which means “drink tea.” It’s a meal that where we order small dishes in phases all the while chatting and drinking tea- lots of tea! 

Bisous, I can’t wait to yum cha with you in the US! 

Hong Kong Day 1  

After my aunt met up with me at the airport, we went to Starbucks. (I kinda chuckled inside because Starbucks = Seattle to me.) 

Immediately after we took the bus to Tong Lo Wan to meet my beautiful cousin Antonia for yum cha. I fell asleep on the bus and woke up to an exciting view> 


The colors popped right out at me as soon as I opened my eyes. Hong Kong has always been a major port town for traders, and there it was!

For dinner we went to a Vietnamese place near my hotel in Tin Hau. I hadnt eaten Phở in years so it was really a treat last night. 

 Long time no see/eat!

The handsome fellow next to me in th collage is my cousin Anthony. We had a nice chat about Starcraft 2. 🙂

Hong Kong Day 2 

It’s about 10:45 AM here and so far I’ve had first breakfast and second breakfast. First breakfast was a banana. 

Second breakfast >

Can’t get waffles in Japan! Nor wheat bread! You can but they aren’t commonly available.

Cantonese and English are both commonly spoken here in Hong Kong, but neither come close to the common language of FOOD. 




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