Bisous Birthday Photos pt 1

The sun was shining… My heart was beaming. 

Hello Bobbin!

Sunday June 7th was my Birthday ! And it was a beautiful day indeed. 🙂 I wanted a relaxing day and I’d planned to do the usual ‘get together with friends’ this upcoming weekend, so Sunday was just for chillaxing  …  I ventured to the park to do some reading, sun basking and general photography. I received a text from a friend who wanted to meet up with me at the park with her lovely, rambunctious puppy Oliver. We wandered around and got ice cream ( it was vanilla bean with the happiest most colorful sprinkles known to man)  then tea. We then decided to do some painting. The sun warmly kissed my skin, accompanied by a gentle breeze, as I calmly painted …It was so charmingly simplistic that I’m still relaxed three days later! Refreshed, I’m ready for a new year:) So here’s to another year of goals being accomplished and artwork being enjoyed and completed !




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