TOtB Friday

TGIF, Bisous!

It’s not coffee or tea or music that jump starts my day. Every morning when I wake up, I go straight to Instagram to get my visual breakfast. I get my fill from the artists I follow- What have they been posting? What have they been looking at?

This morning, I came across Madeline Stuart. Her photos drew me in because she looks absolutely fun and fabu. I love the colors, the ensembles, and the sheer calm and cool confidence she portrays in her photos. Not to mention, she has gorgeous red hair!


Every Friday, I think back to my week and ask myself what the most inspiring thing I saw or learned was. This week, Madeline Stuart definitely takes the cake. I am so inspired by her determination to express herself and to break out of the box in which society stuffed her. I hope she knows that her hard work is paying off every time she inspires and changes someone’s life like she did mine! 🙂

I want to be like Maddy. I want to love who I am, take care of my body and express myself! I want to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and then BREAK outside the box!





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