REDDIT snail mail ! 

I just participated in a recent gift exchange through Reddit. I was a Santa to a girl in Poland!

The Reddit  exchange was Simpsons themed. To apply to participate we were asked questions like who our favorite Simpsons character is and what our favorite episode is.

My favorite Simpsons character is Lisa Simpson. As a kid, I watched Lisa Simpson and related to her in many ways. Like me, she had a vivid imagination, and passionate beliefs about certain ethical issues. Sometimes she gets carried away with her strong imagination and passionate personality, which affects her relationships. We are both artists in our own right, too!

I was matched with a girl in Poland who likes Homer Simpson the most. She said it’s because she likes to eat just like Homer.

Being in Japan, I don’t have much access to Simpsons merchandise. However, I thought I’d appeal to the Homer within with a bunch of SNACKS!  I made sure to get a variety, but also those with cute packaging. It’s not hard to find snacks with characters on them here in Japan. I got some popular Japanese anime ones and some other more widely recognizable ones like Moomin and Frozen. (It’s scary how popular Frozen is here!) And threw in some anime stickers as well.

My favorite episode is “Lisa goes Gaga” photo

All hail zee SNAIL MAIL!

I’m excited to do another Reddit gift exchange (although my Santa has not sent me anything yet). A girl in Singapore saw my post on Instagram and asked to do a gift exchange as well! #shoutout if you see this @littledays_

I think it’s important to keep the joy of snail mail alive! Of course, this is one of the things Bisous and I are trying to do here on BnB! So if you ever want to be a snail mail buddy please let us know! ✴︎ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆



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