Poetry reading, Chiho & the rebirth of the world 

Hello Bobbin!

I wanted to do some more outdoor painting…but the drizzle/ rain prevented such from occurring…and so the story goes…

(Insert BBC News Voice) The amount of rainy/cloudy days in Seattle, Washington on average, gets 220 days of measurable rain/cloud coverage a year…
Making normal spring/summer out door activities, an elusive wish rather than a practical reality.

(unless you are a real Seattle-ite and do Everything in the drizzle/rain then the sideways wind induced horizontal rainfall can’t hold you back!)
I’ve lived in Seattle, Washington since I was 8 years old…and love rain…but do grow very tired of it at times haha. While a thunderstorm or heavy rainfall will motivate me, and afford me a dark and stormy night writing/painting ambiance, those are few and far between…its the usual grey drizzles-like a gigantic sneeze -filling the air and dominating most of the weather regime, that does nothing for the ol’  self motivation. I default to hermit crab mode & I want to just burrito wrap into a fuzz blanket and let Netflix console me.
But, somehow I fought this feeling (plus I’d binged watch far too much over the weekend) And
 I decided to venture to a nearby coffee shop and get some poetry reading done.
The poet Wisława szymborska poems move me. 🙂

The disappearing/ reappearing act that the sun began performing sparked the idea that a museum visit was in order and I made my way to the Seattle Asian Art Museum for one of their Free Admission Thursday sessions (they do monthly). And I got to marvel and adore the work of Artist Chiho Aoshima
A stroll through the gallery was an instant remedy for grey Seattle blues. 🙂 Her work was the perfect blend of fanciful and hauntingly beautiful with a hint of aspirations of greatness .
I put a few of my favorites below. (Click on them to get a better view:) )
hope you fancy them as much as I do!

-Bisous ❤



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