20 posts and counting! 

With each post, Bisous and I are having more fun here and gaining more and more creative energy.

Creativity is awesome because its a positive energy that wants to creep into every part of your life. Letting creativity lead the way even just a little results in all sorts of fun surprises.

A friend and I recently got creative in the kitchen and created these beautiful and delicious tarts!


Even when I don’t have time to sit down and work on an “art project,” releasing my creative power to prepare nourishing meals keeps me, well, sane, but happy, too.

**see comments for how-to video and recipe 



One thought on “20 posts and counting! 

  1. bbpenpals says:

    Here is the how-to video I found on facebook:

    We added/altered some ingredients to serve our tastes. (That’s the creative part!) We also adjusted some of our methods.

    See comments below for our personalized recipe.


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