A fun Saturday in 静岡市 Japan

Hello Bisous and friends!

How is your weekend going? Although, I really missed being at home and Art-ing, I had a fun day with a girlfriend and thought I’d share my day with some photos and what not with you.

It was Saturday and I was determined to have really good ice cream. I like ice cream that is really rich, and natural. Since I was a kid I liked the dark chocolate, the rummy mousse, the coffee and tea flavored ice creams. I was determined to satisfy my ice cream craving TODAY.

I needed to dress for the occasion so I picked out something brand new in my wardrobe. This sassy little top was purchased the other day at a thrift store for the equivalent of about 10 USD! I appreciate the good condition of the second-hand clothes and their fair prices.

image (10)

After arriving to Shizuoka City, which is an hour train ride away, we came upon the Golden Week sales. A vendor was selling hats for a reasonable price so my girlfriend and I snagged the deal.

image (11)

Hats for 700 yen! Wow!

Yep! We watched the less-cheesy-than-expected, quite-elegantly-done adaptation of Disney’s Cinderella. She’s my favorite Disney Princess and I thought Lily James and the crew captured the pure spirit of Cinderella which I’ve always admired.

(source: Pinterest)

After attending the royal wedding of Kit and Ella, we were off to do the ice cream thing.

image (14)

I got macha (green tea) level 7, which contains the highest portion of macha available. Rich, natural, bitter? Check, check, check! Yum!

TIL: It’s good to get out and do things once in a while :0)

Other rad photos from our day:



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