Springtime in Japan

Each Spring thousands of people flock to the local parks of Japan to see the exciting views of the cherry blossom trees. This flower viewing is called “Ohanami.” It is a beloved tradition and I’d like to show you how to enjoy Ohanami the right way in just three easy steps. : )

Step 1: Pick a location.

image (7)

If you’re ever in Tokyo in late March-early April I recommend the Nakameguro River.

Step 2: Go with loved ones.

image (8)

This is Shallon, one of my best friends! *love love*

Step 3: Alcohol.

image (9)

Ohanami is a time to relax and enjoy some drinks with your friends. We found a local street vendor selling rose wine with strawberries. It’s probably bad juju to pluck the pretty blossoms off the trees, but I did it anyway. :0) oops!

Now you can enjoy your DIY Ohanami anywhere you are! GLHF!


Footnote: Spring is a significant time of year here in Japan because Spring is the season of hellos and goodbyes. The cherry blossoms or Sakura flowers have come to represent the bittersweet nostalgia of the season.


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