Voices in my head…shhh…I’m fabulous!

Ello Bobbin❀ ! 

Today I watched the first three lessons of Inking with Yuko Shimizu on Skillshare! I’m really excited and curious about all this! After viewing a couple of those 3:00 minute vids,( basically material checklist videos ) I have to say, I felt pretty confident about undertaking this endeavor…That is…
Until I saw the price of inking brushes (>_<)

But its ok…
*Breathing returns to normal*
I’ve got my watercolor brushes and watercolor paper to the rescue! (Its time to be thrifty yo!)
Meh, I’m a beginner after all 😉
I’m just missing the ink!  But i’m planning on buying that soon and hopefully begin this wonderful adventure in inking this weekend!
…Now, all I have to worry about is WHAT to draw…
hmmm inspirationcuriouser and curiouser

I want to be Original…


buuut I should probably master the basic’s first eh?

Well, Hayao Miyazaki’s work always inspires! Maybe a character from my favorite Miyazaki Movie Howls Moving Castle Perhaps ? Or maybe just try to illustrate a ‘theme’ or ‘symbol’ from the movie?

And to answer your question: 
What do you do when the negative voices fill your head?”

Using the method of most Artists (demonstrating multiple personality disorder XD), I politely remind them to ‘hush up’ and ‘wait’ their turn to speak!
The voice of my creative/inspiration MUSE is also trying to speak, and she is sometimes an introverted whisperer! I can’t hear her over all their useless ‘critical family member’ type nagging…hmmm, this is turning quite Freudian (O_o)

– Bisous❤


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