Mastering Inking with Yuko Shimizu

Hi! Bobbin again. This is a blog post updating our visitors and followers on our recent adventures in art. There is also a second part in this post where I will be asking Bisous some questions about our task at hand and how she is personally tackling them.

Part 1:

Its April 1st and Bisous and I signed up today for an online Skillshare course on ink drawing. We thought the course could teach us some new tricks with brush and ink. We also hope that the course will help us churn out some new works. After all, BobbinxBisous is here to nurture our inner artists, and maybe yours as well.

If you have not already discovered Skillshare <– then click this link! Its a great place for creative people like you and me! If you are keen on enrolling in Mastering Inking with Yuko Shimizu <– click and push enroll for free. I’m sure Bisous and I would love to share the experience with you. Just write a comment right here on our blog and to let us know you’re in.

Part 2:

Bisous, I watched Yuko’s videos. I haven’t touched ink in years and I am pretty nervous! I hear the negative voices in my head, but I know I’ve got to push on!

What do you do when the negative voices fill your head?



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