Bee-zoo, Bee-zoo

Ello from Seattle!

My name is Bisous.(Bee-ZOO) Its French… don’t over complicate it…
I currently live & explore around the very laid-back, Coffee addicts migration area, but scenically beautiful city of Seattle, Wa. For those who don’t know THIS is what Seattle NORMALLY looks like 😀

Ever so often, my desire to explore intensifies & I hop on plane to quench my thirst for adventure…and curiosity. I LOVE tea, it – like exploration- has proven a great ally against the forces of evil know as creativity/writers block! I’m an aspiring author, but I’ve recently picked up water coloring and will be opening an Esty shop.

I’m a fan of Thunderstorms and reading nooks, Swinging on swing sets and photographing tiny details in nature. I enjoy watching Game of Thrones ( epicness) as well as eating a yummy pieces of cake… doing both activieties together is a colossally amazing experience 🙂



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